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Aloha! I am Elena

… also known as the girl with the flower in her hair.  I am a Berlin-based writer, actress and vegan guide. Veganism for me isn’t just a diet – it’s a way of life! I love food and I love traveling that’s why #VeganVentures combines both!

Along the way my partner an I organize vegan events to connect the global vegan community because together we have the power to make this a more peaceful and compassionate world.

I am German by passport but consider myself a citizen of the world! Therefore the content on #VeganVentures is partly in English and partly in German. Some things translate – and others don’t 🙂 I do my best to use the language I find most appropriate for each post or video. However, if there is any content you would absolute LOVE to have available in the other language, please let me know.

My own vegan journey startet 2013… let me tell you, it’s been a ride since then – both emotionally and physically but how about I show you a picture of myself that was taken in May 2013…

Looking at this and seeing me today I guess you can tell that this journey kind of changed my life 🙂

I am currently involved in a lot of projects but at the top of my list are now the distribution of my book #ANASHA – Die Reise beginnt which tells the story of own transformation. For more information about the book, events around the book and my current offers in Berlin please check out my other website at www.anasha.de

Sharing is caring!