Ice Ice Iceland…

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«I don’t care how pretty it is… 4 days is all I can take!» 

My first words after stepping our of the airport. Seriously. And I wasn’t kidding! Everybody who knows me also knows that I don’t handle the cold well. I’m just not a fan. In fact, it physically hurts me. Funnily this reason exactly made me say yes to this trip to Iceland. In winter. Sounds strange? Maybe but if you come to think of it it actually makes a lot of sense. Winters are cold and unpleasant in Berlin so I figured if I’ll be cold anyway I might as well freeze my butt off in more pleasant surroundings 🙂

Additionally my partner has been on my back for quite a while about going to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. So I finally agreed to 4 days, provided that this trip would be followed by one to Sicily to defrost. He agreed to that and this is how we traveled to icy Iceland in February of 2019.

We hopped on a direct flight from Schönefeld to Keflavík with WOW Air. To be honest I was expecting the worst but contrary to all my assumptions, we had a really nice flight with good service and even coffee discounts for bringing our reusable cups. Unfortunately my first WOW Air flight should also be my last, as they ceased operations shortly after. Rest in peace WOW.

After we landed we went to the rental counter to get our car, where the somewhat bored guy behind the counter tried to sell me additional «wind coverage», which I naively declined thinking: how bad can it be. Boy was I wrong but I didn’t know that yet when I smilingly said: «No thanks, I don’t think we need that.» until we met the Icelandic wind in person who was kind enough to make an appearance and introduce itself right as we left the airport building. FUCK! And this is when I voiced the introductory line 🙂 

[TO BE CONTINUED] Gotta run but wanted to get at least a few lines online before heading out 🙂

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