I Pray

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On November 13, 2015 at Café Manstein4 in Berlin I was having one of the most significant nights of my life – while 130 people lost theirs 1,000 km away.

Tonight at the same café I was having a wonderful evening with a group of vegans talking about protecting life – while 12 people lost theirs 3 km away.

Innocent beings who where out socializing and having fun just like our little group at the coffee shop. Thanks to smartphones and Facebook we heard about the «violent incident» within minutes and just as quickly our social gathering turned into a solicitous one, letting loved ones know we are safe and checking on friends and family we hadn’t hear from.

I never thought I’d see friends mark themselves safe in a «terrorist attack». A year ago I did. I never thought I’d mark myself safe in a «violent incident». Tonight I did. 

I am shocked. 

About the fact that I’m not even shocked. Instead, I am sad. Sad beyond words because incidents like the one tonight have become a part of the twisted kind or reality we live in today. 

What does it take for a human to deliberately wipe out the existence of another I ask myself? I can’t even try to imagine how lost and torn a soul must be to be able to commit such an act of hatred and violence. Therefore I pray. For the victims and the offenders – for peace and forgiveness and for our wold – hoping that one day humanity will finally realize: we are all one.

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