Paris – In the Name of Love

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Salut et bonjour de Paris! Those who know me might be surprised to hear these words come out of my mouth, as I’m not exactly known for my love for France or its language (sorry France, I’m just being honest here).

But sometimes life is funny and oftentimes gives you what you need – instead of what you want 🙂 In my case, life is really having fun and actually found ways to send me to Paris — a city I never felt the desire to explore — 3(!) times this year!

My first time was just a stop over (twice) on my way to Marseille — and back — where I met up with my love. I did touch Parisian grounds though and got to know both city airports and the transit system, as I had to go from Orly to Charles de Gaulle to catch my connecting flight. The beginning of my “Paris Love Story”. We had met — nothing more yet.

Then came July. And the 3ème Festival des Arts d’Hawai‘i — in Paris! This time my love for Hula left no doubt that I was traveling with my Berlin Hālau to Paris to share the spirit of Hawaii and aloha with other wonderful souls from around the world. What an amazing happening in so many ways. Thinking about it now still fills my heart with so much love, happiness and gratitude. To my surprise I really enjoyed Paris, but with all the dancing, workshops and social events there was no time at all for city explorations. Our next phase had begun — we started liking each other.

As they say, 3rd time is a charm … And it was love again that brought me to the city of love, which happens to be one of my love’s favorite cities. I decided to join him on a trip for a few days to see the city through his eyes but also had time to myself to create my very own Paris moments. And that’s when it happened: we got really close!

Reading this you probably noticed my subtle analogies. But when you think about it, love and cities really do have a lot in common. It’s easy to fall in love with a city on a sunny spring or summer day, strolling along the streets that are lined with happy people enjoying coffee and a chat outdoors. On a cold and rainy day, the same city, the same street all of the sudden isn’t as appealing any more and you start dreaming about an escape to a sunny beach.

The same it true for relationships. We fall in love with this perfect person. Every day is sunny and we just can’t get enough of it. It’s like a drug. Addictive. And then, a rainy relationship day comes along. All of the sudden, the perfect person is not so perfect anymore, has flaws and weird, annoying habits. Oftentimes that’s the moment when relationships end or affairs begin.

I think the secret for happy love affairs — be it with people or cities — is very easy: Enjoy the sun while it lasts, dance in the rain when you can and allow yourself the occasional get away when you need it. Love is free and so are you!

It’s a rainy Paris day today. I’m by myself. Enjoying an abundant brunch* at Les Bols d’Antoine, a wunderful organic vegan restaurant. As I’m sitting here, I’m thinking about how fortunate I am to be with somebody who not only shares my love for traveling and vegan food, but who is also so different from me at the same time, which constantly expands my comfort zone and horizon.

You’re like Paris to me— je t’aime — on sunny and on rainy days alike!

*With free coffee refills — little did they know that would neutralize their earnings from me, haha!

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