Stuff on Bread

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According to my non-German boyfriend, Germans are very easy to please when it comes to food. “They are happy just putting stuff on bread”, he told me over dinner one night – the start of a lively discussion about German eating habits and whether there is such a thing as a food culture in this country. To cut a long story short: We didn’t really come to a mutual agreement that night but enjoyed the rest of our dinner nonetheless. However, the statement stuck in my head…

Tonight I tried to figure out what to do with my perishable leftovers, as I will be leaving the tiny house I’ve stayed in soon and – obviously – wasting food is not an option. So here I was with 3 small and 3 big potatoes, 2 onions, a couple of garlic cloves, 1/4th of a block of smoked tofu, 7 pickles, mustard, a tiny bit of tomato sauce from last night’s spaghetti dinner and a piece of baguette. As I was looking at my rather limited options, suddenly my boyfriend’s previous statement popped back into my mind. And although I didn’t agree with him that night I noticed that in my case it might not even be so far from the truth! I actually like putting stuff on bread. Not every day but there’s nothing wrong with a loaded slice of bread now and then! And tonight happened to be one of these nights – so guess what I did? Yup, I put “Stuff on Bread” and here is the result:

Stuff on bread 🙂

After I finished my delicious dinner I noticed that my “putting stuff on bread” days have highly increased since I started baking my own bread this summer. And ever since I’ve also been quite creative with stuff and bread. Here are a few pics of my creations so far:

I already shared some of the recipes on my Instagram. The rest might follow – in case anybody is interested. And who knows, maybe our little dinner discussion marked the beginning of embracing my “German-ness” to the fullest 🙂 So here’s to many more recipes with “Stuff on Bread”.

P.S. In case you wonder what happened to the pickles and the tomato sauce: stay tuned 🙂

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